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Kady ('69) is a mother to two rambunctious little girs LeeLoo ('04) and Kali ('06). She has been married for six years to the supportive, but very much in the dark, John (J).

Kady is a third-year associate at a large(ish) law firm in the Northeast. She was trying to decide between being a fashion designer and being an environmental anarchist, and somehow ended up in law school. It wasn't the best fit in the world.

Right now, Kady is obsessed with anything having to do with economics or finance, despite having gotten "Ds" in the two econ classes she took in college. She doesn't know how this happened. She is also obsessed with personal finance and watches Suze Orman regularly (with sunglasses) because she really wants to know the secret to pearly white teeth.

Kady's goal is to get off the rat wheel by cutting her family's expenses to the bare bones so as to be able to sustain themselves on a professor's (non) salary. Then she can wonk out to her heart's delight.

Kady is a proud social liberal, fiscal conservative, and Democrat for more years than she thought was possible. She thinks the worst thing in the world is the national debt (seriously).

Kady also blogs at MOMocrats.
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