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December 12, 2007



Hope you figure it all out. I've seen other women at my firm struggle with this and most go the live-in nanny route because then at least there is consistency for the kids. We do have one woman whose husband is actually an attorney and he stays home because they faced the same problem you do. They decided since she was the bigger earner, she should go balls-to-the-wall and he would stay home. It's working out so far (about a year into it). Good luck!


This was great to read. And trust me, you're no Meredith Gray. You actually seem to realize that there are other people in the world. (I mean, really, the scene where the two EMTs were dangling from the roof & SHE starts crying about feeling inadequate or some other such bullshit? Talk about your McJackass.)

Hang in there. (Not in the "EMTs dangling from the roof" type of way.)(Well, you know what I mean.)

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