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December 17, 2007


Mary Witzl

My MIL and I aren't really best pals, but remind me to send her some roses after reading this. For all her irritations, she puts up with me most of the time and she has never done anything like what you have described. When I was working on my last novel, I did some research on mothers-in-law from hell and as bad as yours sounds, she wouldn't even come close to some of the ones I found. Japanese mothers-in-law are particularly notorious, and I wish I could send you a URL of one of the sites I came across.

I think I'll be a great mother-in-law, especially after reading your post.

Angie in Texas


maybe we can start a"death match" reality show for irritating/annoying/terrible MILs (and ex MILs, too)!

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