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January 29, 2008



Your title made me laugh. I was just talking to G about that line the other day.

I'm so impressed with your cutbacks and resolutions! I should print this out and try and follow the same.

We saw a financial planner years ago, who told us we need to put away $400-600 a month PER CHILD if we want to pay for college. Yeah, right.

We did, however, get a UPromise card, put away our airline-accumulating cards with a big sigh, and start using our UPromise card for EVERYTHING. I used to use my debit card for everything. Now I use the UPromise and just pay it off every month. We put some money away for the twins every month in their 529/Upromise accts but nowhere NEAR $400. At least the UPromise helps out every month. We'll take whatever we can get. You get more points w/the credit card and even more when you use/buy UPromise affiliates (like Mobil gas).

If we can pay for some of their future education, I'll feel a little bit better. But... OUCH.

Mama Nabi

(wow, the powers that be do not want me commenting here - this is my 3rd attempt...)

Yeah, I coughed up some coffee when I read what you and halfmama are doing to put away month for 529 accounts... damn, LN better get some scholarships or it's home-colleging! (no, I kid - once I'm on my own budget, I'm hoping to start something... small scale but.)
THat purse IS cute. One of these days, I will get me a real purse instead of using pockets and diaper bags.

I think, inspired by this list, I will make my own budget list. I like your socially conscious giving idea... although, I think I may have a hard time giving up my one weekly indulgence of soy latte... :-)

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