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July 22, 2008



Excellent post. I'm fortunate to live in a hippie-rich city that is nearby a big city.

And you're right, there are few jobs in the hippie city but we can live small and on one income. Plus $2000/mo gets us 4bd/2ba, a garage, a real yard, and the top public schools in our state.

Sure, our money would go farther if we moved 25 miles down the road to the big city, but that's not the life we want. We like small.

My husband would love to live in your city (he's crazy about the baseball team) but the COL is just too high for us to stomach. We will consider other city (country?) options when the kids graduate HS and we no longer need so much space.


This is really interesting. Especially because when I finished law school, I had to choose between jobs in NY and Houston. Both had their attractions. I picked NY, but I often wonder how differently my life would have turned out had I made the other choice.

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