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August 21, 2008



Fellow hoarder here! And don't touch my stuff!

Actually, I've gotten so much better about pitching things now that we have kids, but like you, my kids are adding to it. Our 10 y.o. daughter is a major hoarder (the hubby is defiantly NOT, btw). She would collect pieces of wrapping paper, strings, "special" bottle caps, etc., like Templeton the Rat. Finally about 4 mos. ago we told her she needed to box and bag things that she didn't use but that were taking up a lot of space in her room (unders the auspices of welcoming new, more grown up things and also not having stuff that attracts spiders). Oh lord, it took her WEEKS, but she did it. She kept some things and tossed a lot others.

We recently saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel (I think) about crazy old adult hoarders, and my daughter recognized that that's the path she was on!

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