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October 16, 2008



Let me be the first to say I'm impressed. It sounds like you two have already done a hell of a lot of thinking about this, and have a plan. Sorry to say we haven't made a real plan yet. We've never been big spenders, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we should cut out. Like cable--no one even watches TV except for the kids sometimes on Saturday mornings, and one of us in the event of a rare bout of insomnia. Mostly we just use the TV to watch dvds from netflix, and we have the cheapest plan there.

So, this post will serve as inspiration to get an emergency fund going. Keep it up! I wish you the best in the coming days.


Yes, you guys are way on top of it. I live right next door to a Commerce Bank, so I too keep a change jar which I take next door every couple of months and totally dump out. And we've just switched out homeowners' insurance and consolidated our cell phone plans..and I'm getting rid of my car. All of this will save us about $800 a month. Times are tough, but I'm optimistic that we can ride it out.


Backups of backups? Garden funds? You guys sound more than prepared! Your plan to move in with Mom sounds lovely and would give your kids a solid childhood memory of her nurturing.

My roth for the year is done and the rest of my cash is sitting in CDs. It's consistent, if unimpressive ;)

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