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March 17, 2009




This always happens to me - when I'm in line behind an Asian guy, the cashier always thinks I'm with that guy.

Then again, my Husband just does happen to be Asian!


In Detroit, people thought my husband was Arabic. In northern MI, they thought he was a terrorist. In FL, where we live now, everyone assumes he's hispanic, specifically Cuban, which is kind-of good because Cuban=drug dealer, so they leave him alone. It does suck when people don't want to work with him because they think he's Mexican. When they ask him, "Where are you from, you know, originally?" & he replies, honestly, "Ontario" it's kind-of funny to see how frustrated they get because the answer doesn't really tell them what they want to know. It makes me angry, however, when he tells them he's Italian & they apologize for their previous, mostly unspoken, assumptions.

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