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October 27, 2009



what's a blog? just kidding. i mean, i know what a blog is, but i'm not sure why we've all stopped blogging.


I know one non-anonymous who went private in order to apply for a job and one anonymous who got pulled because she was outed at work. As to the others who just fade away without a proper goodbye? Who knows? I worry sometimes that something terrible has happened, but usually its that they get busy and re-prioritize. Like anything is more important than blogging!


This Spring, I noticed an sharp increase in psychotic mean and nasty comments - way beyond the usual semester-break nuttiness.

My theory: bloggers are being tortured by frightened, intelligent, angry, unemployed people who demand increasingly more complex content and then rip it to shreds.

Those unemployed in early 2008 received extensions on benefits. The election brought hope of change, but a clear picture of the Bush Depression emerged after the inauguration.

They have sold everything and borrowed from everyone they can. Benefits do not cover the cost of living - they were meant to bridge the gap between jobs. These are intelligent people who can not find any work.

They are hopeless - we elected a hero and all our frightened old white men have promised to hobble him.

They are mean and insane. I've seen commenters torture bloggers over sewing notions. I've seen commenters torture bloggers over too much content and too little content.

So, we have writers who donate hours each day and live for feedback and they get spanked constantly by a frightened and angry, demanding, anonymous entity.

We have to establish a code for the care and feeding of bloggers or we will lose them all. Blogging is a lot of work, ad revenue does not begin to compensate bloggers for time or effort, and vocal readers behave like Veruca Salt.


I know the feeling of which you speak. Over the years blogs I had come to look forward to reading just disappeared one day, and I worried about what had happened to this person I had never met. I also felt a little betrayed.

My blogging activity dropped off over the summer because things got so busy, and then classes started again and things got busier, and then I got creeped out by someone so I put a password on my blog. No activity since the last post in September, so I didn't think anyone really noticed the password protection. Only one reader has emailed to ask, "wha' happen'd?" I still love to write, I'm just trying to figure out what to do about the blog.


Yeah, I've sensed this as well. Could it have something to do with the economy and general malaise?


Aw, dgm, I'm sorry to hear about your blog-stalker. I hope you'll rejoin the blogiverse soon. I really miss your sunny view on life.


I think the unfortunate reality--definitely for me--is that paying work, what little there is, comes first. :( That would explain why my blog is mostly photos now. Plus, micro-blogging is very satisfying & I can justify it as "networking" to find work. Um sorta.

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